Types of Lawn

Lawn grasses are primarily divided into two types:

  • Cool weather
  • Warm weather

Within these two types, there are many sub-types that exist with different characteristics and increasing features. Some stay close to the base while others grow tall.  Some are more tolerant to extreme conditions while others dry up soon. In spite of the fact that all types of lawn grasses seem similar, all of them incorporate different features and characteristics. Understand different types of lawn grasses to know which one is right for your yard.

Ornamental Grasses

Ornamental grasses and turf-grasses are both grouped as grasses; however, they are completely different. The growing pattern of ornamental grasses and lawn grasses can help you understand the difference.  Lawn grass develops in even patches and ornamental develops in tight clumps with tougher characteristics. Ornamental grasses grow taller than the normal lawn grasses.

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Landscape and Tree Care Machines

Yard machines for lawn care and tree care are for every reason and every season. For gardeners or homeowners who enjoy working outside in the summertime, there are tree trimmers, lawn mowers, and weed whackers. For cleaning up, there are wood chippers, leaf mulch machines, outdoor vacuums, and leaf blowers. In wintertime, snow throwers and snow blowers are helpful in removing snow. During the gardening time of spring, tillers are great to prepare the soil.

Some of the equipment and machines that make life a lot easier when working with landscape and trees are:

  • Lawnmower
  • Tiller
  • Tree trimmers
  • Weed whackers
  • Mulching machines
  • Blowers

We have received a lot of very good advice from www.newsmyrnatreeservice.com about the most effective tree care and landscape tools to keep your home looking its best.

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Solar AC for Your Home

Solar ACSolar air conditioning, or Solar AC, is a very effective way to operate your home’s air conditioning system without using electricity from the grid.  They are a great way to use Mother Nature to operate a very active system within your home.  They are particularly useful during summer months when temperatures in many place can rise to over 90 degrees F.

If you live in an area that gets very hot during the summer months, then you likely run your AC system a great deal during the hot summer months.  When your AC system is turning on and off 5 or 6 times each hour, you can be sure that you are burning a lot of energy to keep that system running so continuously.  It is generally the highest percentage of your monthly utility bill.

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Tree Fertilizer for Your Home Landscape

healthy-treesMany people think that choosing a tree fertilizer is very easy; however, it is a complicated task as there are many factors associated with it. While the sole purpose of fertilizer is to benefit the tree in order to improve your landscape, the ideal product for your situation might require more than just soil testing, but also a concern of the kinds of trees being fertilized. Yes, every tree fertilizer incorporates some kind of nutritional value, but you need to get better value for money by doing a little research.

Tree fertilizer is vital to keeping trees healthy and properly maintained.  We use a company that performs this kind of tree service work in Port Orange. They have done a good job for over the years with our tree service and now our landscape and trees look very healthy and very good.

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Organic Potting Soil

One benefit of organic potting soil is that you can make it in your home. This also implies that when a person purchase organic potting soil, he or she actually, knowingly or unknowingly, is supporting small businesses. You can save money by making your own organic soil at home, often, without buying ingredients. Likewise, many companies make all-natural soil and supply to small businesses only, instead of selling to the chain stores. There are a few disadvantages of organic potting soil such as the cost of buying instead of making it, as well as the potential of a misleading label.

Misleading Label

A possible downside of organic potting soil is the likelihood of misleading and inaccurate labeling. In many countries, firms can call their products “natural” or “organic” without any certification. As long as the item is not blatantly promoted; for instance, it is legal to sell soil which is not “all natural” potting soil at all. If this type of soil matters to you, then you need to check the product as well as its certificate.

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Power of Solar Energy

solar-energySolar energy efficiency certainly surpasses electricity if the consumer can pay for the higher upfront cost. Many people looking for a new heating unit; for example, aren’t willing to pay for a solar system just because they do not want to spend a lot of money. Electric heaters are affordable and five times cheaper than a solar system. However, the solar system is still the best. Why? Because solar energy is efficient as compared to electricity. After some time, once the upfront costs are paid, solar systems save more money than the electric ones, and is more energy efficient.

Better Source of Energy

One upside or advantage of electricity is its supply and availability. A lot of solar panels require direct sunlight to work properly and they likewise do not work on a cloudy day as well as in cloudy areas around the globe. Not all the areas are sunny in this world and it is really the upside to electricity. But still, solar technologies are turning out to be more advanced and cutting edge. Solar is, and will remain the best source, as well as is less expensive in the long run.

We had solar panels Port Orange installed last month and we are seeing the power of solar energy at work.  Our energy usage has already been reduced!  We are considering a solar water heater Port Orange next summer as our next solar energy investment.  These solar investments are expensive, but they will be worth it in the long run.

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Smart Home Appliances

The smart appliance concept is about how appliances are going to use power, later in the future to save money and electricity. Companies like GE have already introduced many models of the smart appliances; however, we cannot consider them totally smart until the power grids are not considered “smart”.  Also, we need to build the smart meters as well. When these grids are designed as well as start to functioning, then smart appliance will become reality; reducing power consumption during peak hours. Today, many countries are advancing in this field, and green energy is becoming increasingly popular on a monthly basis.

The Future of Smart Appliances

smart-appliancesThe perfect home of the future might have all equipment with this open capacity. The purpose behind this is that appliances may then speak with each other as well as the power grid. In the event that it’s important to utilize the electric stove amid peak hours, the other savvy devices in the home, similar to the refrigerator, may consume less energy, which could keep energy use at an acceptable rate. If plenty of homes and businesses had smart appliances, it may reduce the effect of global warming as well as reduce the swiftly growing requirement of power plants.

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Solar Technology for Tomorrow

Solar technology is becoming bigger and bigger not only in the United States, the worldwide. As the debate over climate change continues to gain momentum, more and more people are trying to determine what they can do to become more energy efficient and also ease the burden on our precious earth. One industry that has benefited greatly from this movement is the solar power industry. There are more and more consumers exploring this alternative energy as a means to power their home.

Solar Technology

There are a number of solar products that a homeowner can install on their home or business to make the structure more energy efficient. Although these products are quite expensive, they do have a payback period in which the consumer can recoup their initial investment. Some of the products that are very popular in this market are:

  • Solar PV
  • Solar Water Heaters
  • Solar Pool Heaters

We recently installed several solar products in our home and are starting to realize the benefits. We installed a solar pool heater Daytona Beach, FL last year and it has worked out great and in a great investment to keep our pool warmer. It has been very low maintenance and has increased the temperature of our pool quite a bit so we have been swimming in the colder months. Next we are considering a solar water heater Daytona Beach, FL as this is another great solar investment.

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Sustainable Ideas for Everyday Living

sustainabilitySustainability is becoming an increasingly important term in our everyday life. The science is clear now and our earth is under attack from increasing global temperatures. Scientists have been building data of the past 30 years, and now have the evidence that man on earth is taking actions to slowly increased global temperatures as a result of a slow deterioration of the ozone layer. As concerned citizens of these events, we can all take actions to slow down or even stop this progression, which is the key to saving our earth.

So many people think that they cannot take any action that would have a meaningful impact on the future of our earth. This is simply not true. We can all take actions on a daily basis to improve the sustainability of our earth, and thereby protected it for future generations to come. If we all have this mindset then the combined effect will have a serious impact on our environment.
What are some of the steps that we can all take to improve our environment, and to ensure the sustainability of our earth. Here are just some of the things that all of us can do on a daily basis to help our earth:

  1. Use less household water.
  2. Carpool as much as possible when traveling in vehicles.
  3. Invest in solar technology, such as solar panels and solar water heaters.
  4. Make your home more energy efficient through improved insulation.
  5. Purchased or leased vehicles that have improved gas mileage.

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Solar Panel Installation Tips

Solar panels are generally installed on building tops, rooftops, or on stand alone solar facilities. It is important to properly install solar panels so that you can get the most direct sunlight exposure. This will make your solar panel offer maximum service throughout the year regardless of the season. To do this, you must make sure that you properly install your solar panel properly. An improperly installed solar panel is not only a safety hazard but will most importantly provide very poor services. These following solar panel installation tips will help you to get the best service from your solar heating or lighting system. Solar panel installation can be a perfect DIY project and these tips will also help the home handyman who wants to tap into the vast solar energy.

Install a Solar Panel

#Tip 1.
Sunlight exposure for a longer time.
Position your solar panel in such a way that it is exposed to sunlight for a longer period during the day. This will demand that your observe for several days, which part of your roof is exposed to sunlight for longer periods. Your may need to raise the gradient of the solar panel if lying it down on the roof slant will affect it’s exposure to the sun.

#Tip 2.
Remove all obstructions to the solar panel.
Any obstruction to the solar panel will affect it’s performance. Consider trimming overhang or long branches next to your home or snipping off the crown of a tree so that your solar panel can get unhindered sunlight. Other obstructions to consider are neighboring buildings, unique roof designs, future physical developments or growing fences or trees.

#Tip 3.
Available mounting space.
It is a fact that the bigger the solar panel, the higher the wattage and as a result, the more the solar energy the panel will create. If you do not have enough roof space to mount a single large solar panel, consider using two or three solar panels mounted on different roof locations.

#Tip 4.
As you install the solar panel, it is important to identify anything that can cause damage to the solar panel. Some of the things that cause damage to solar panels include, wildlife like raccoon, mice, rats, birds or animals for ground mounted panels. Heavy rains, snow storms, hailstones or drainage can also cause serious damage to your solar panels. Consider installing a heavy duty mesh wire around the solar panel to keep off racoon and other small rodents or build a drainage culvert on the upper edge of the solar panel to redirect drainage water. For ground mounted solar panels, it is important to restrict human and wildlife movement by enclosing the solar panels within a secure compound.

#Tip 5.
Materials used.
Unfortunately, there is currently a high percentage of fake or poor standard solar panels, cabling or other related accessories. Always make sure that you purchase your solar panels, cabling and accessories from stores that are regulated by the necessary authorities and stock original solar products.

If you are considering installing solar panels, these tips will help you to do a perfect installation job.